Official BDO


Currently this product is not for sale.

We advice to not buy into any BDO cheats currently as there will be anti-cheat changes which will make all current cheats obsolete!





We offer our service for the GameZ BDO server which includes the following servers: EU, NA.







Core exploits:

- God mode & high attack mode

- Instant automatic looting with infinite range

- Teleporting without rubber banding + through walls etc.

- Ring0 based bypass for SmartGuard       






Core features:

- Automatic rage-grinding which is based upon the zerker character which uses the god-mode and high attack exploit

- Automatic high range looting without pets with customizeable loot-filter

- Automatic selling of trash loot and repairing for dungeons 

- Lag-free teleporting

- Fall-damage bypasss

- Player detection and customizable safety features for the grind-bot

- Player ESP - always know where players are

- Ability to set waypoints anywhere

- SmartGuard bypass









Loading demo:




Grinding:                                                                                                                                Character specific!

- Ability to save infinite paths, and load them at any point

- Add breaks at any point of the path for a custom amount of time

- Ability to highlight the starting point of the path

- Ability to automatically go to the storage/sales NPC for dungeons like aakman, hystria and others. Based on different criteria like, maximal weight being reached or the inventory being full.

The sales NPC option will sell all possible trash loots & repair your gear.

- Automatically skip points in the path if there is nothing to kill

- Automatically combine ancient scrolls while grinding (can also be used manually)

- Automatically put all gained silver in the storage using a maid

- Automatically repair gear after a set amount of rounds

- Bypass awakening/regular weapon switching (instantly cast skills from either weapon without switching them)

- Bypass maid inactivity which enables you do access the maid/ghost at any point even while moving

- Safepoint system which will go to the safepoint if a player is detected wait for a custom amount of time, and return to grinding              













Speed settings:
- Custom grinding speed setting

- Changing the speed of the characters actions

- Custom safepoint timers and teleportation speeds                                                                


Automatic looting:

- Automatically loots things around you while not interupting your characters actions

- Custom loot filtering by grade and by item name

- Custom item black-list and white-list

- Looting range is infinite






- For manual grinding you can enable the legit mode which will stop everything when a player is near you

- Automatically exit the game if a player is near us

- Inform user when a player is in the area using a sound

- Smarter player detection mode which aims to ignore players which are not in your direct area or floor level to prevent false detections in dungeons like aakman (multiple floors)

- Adjustable amount of players to trigger an detection, if you are not grinding alone

- Automatic exit timer in minutes




Map releated:

- Spoofing desert,ocean,prison to be accessable on the minimap

- Allowing the user to set waypoints anywhere even in deserts

- Allowing the user to use the minimap anywhere





- Own keybinds for functions like cursor teleport, exit key, menu button and more



Special features:

- God mode and high attack mode, which allows you to perform many attacks at once

(Character specific)

- Teleportation on key press





Visuals: (New!)

- Player ESP, allows you to see players through walls

- Player and monster ESP with names and distance

- Path visualization, allows you to see the path you are using while and before grinding.

This also includes path creation.

- Direct line from your player to the starting point of the path

- Portal ESP, allows you to see portals which spawn in the desert (hystria and aakman) from a very far distance

- In-game 3D path editor! You can edit any path using your mouse, fixing mistakes made while recording and more.           























And more to come!